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Step 1

  • Install Amatak-shop from Py Library.
pip install amatak-shop

Step 2

  • Add Amatak Shop app to your django settings project.


Step 3

  • add amatak_shop urls to your django urls project .
  • noted: please add (inlcude)
from django.urls import path, include #new add

urlpatterns = [
path('accounts/', include('allauth.urls')),
path('', include('amatak_shop.urls.home', namespace='home')),

Step 4

  • You might face some other module for example.
  • package abc module not found
  • in this case install all require modules and run
python makemigrations

Step 5

  • Migrate Database.
python makemigrations
python migrate

Step 6

  • Create Superadmin.
python createsuperuser --username admin
pass: YourPassWord

Step 7

  • Start Server.
python runserver


  • You have created an online store within 7mins.